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Biografie von L. Ron Hubbard: Jugend und Kindheit, Lebensgeschichte, Video, Bilder, Zitate und chronologische Aufgliederung


Familienhaus, Tilden, Nebraska; circa 1910.

Born on March 13th, 1911, L. Ron Hubbard’s early years were spent in a typically Wild West Montana with periodic jaunts to California, Oregon and Washington.

As a broad introductory word, however, Mr. Hubbard himself explained: “I was born in Nebraska and three weeks later went to Oklahoma,” where his grandfather had established a horse ranch and where he took his first steps before the age of one. From Oklahoma, he next moved on to the state of Montana where, as he quipped, “they say I showed some signs of settling down, but I think this is merely rumor.”

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